What Sets Us Apart

We’ve experienced many indoor cycling classes and know the ingredients of what makes a cycling class great. Therefore, we’ve created a studio so specific to indoor cycling, that we can provide cycling classes with a level of quality, intimacy, convenience, and service not available in traditional large health clubs and gyms.

myzone Our Difference

We offer the ability for you to purchase a MYZONE® belt from our studio. By utilizing the portable MYZONE system you now can:

  • Monitor heart rate in real time during class and view progress
    online either through the MYZONE website or personal email
  • Take you MYZONE belt with you and track and report information
    from all your workout activities
  • Store information about your weight, body fat, heart rate, and
    exercise intensity in the MYZONEMOVES cloud
  • Share your results with our team specialists to let us help you
    achieve your goals faster




We’re not just a “spinning” facility. Our studio is tailored to you as well!
Bring your road bike to our studio and enjoy adding some realism to your workout with our Kinetic Rock and Roll® trainers. These trainers bring your indoor workouts to a whole new level as you incorporate both technique and power and engage your core muscles to maintain balance.

Until now, there hasn’t been a place geared towards the serious outdoor rider who is looking to maintain or improve their fitness. Let us provide you with a challenging workout that will simulate the feel of the road during off-season or winter months. So come cycle on with us!