Cycle On is a state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio, in Washington Twp, NJ. We are dedicated exclusively to indoor cycling. The idea is simple – provide the necessary tools to create an awesome fitness experience that is convenient and fun, and make it work for all levels.

Cycle On classes are known for their high-energy instructors who combine music, coaching, and lighting to create an exhilarating exercise experience. It is a low impact but high cardio workout with well documented benefits.

Knowledge brings results! Just as a physician views and treats patients individually, Cycle On knows each client has a unique fitness profile. Upon enrollment, a client will have the option to purchase a state-of-the-art monitor. These monitors will gather information such as energy consumption, training effect, peak HR, etc. Our staff takes that information to design an exercise regimen that will best assists the client achieve his or her fitness goals.

Yes, indoor cycling has a reputation for intensity — and it can be intense. But our classes appeal to beginners, hard-core cyclists, and everyone in between. We have regular riders from all age groups with a wide variety of athletic abilities. Our instructors assist riders to adapt the workout to their fitness levels in a non-intimidating manner.

Our founder, Bill Elmer of Williamstown, is an avid cyclist and is very passionate about fitness. “I’ve taught and participated in hundreds of cycling classes and I know how to make cycling a fitness opportuity for everyone. Health clubs do not have the focus, the incentive, or the time needed to make their classes great. Cycle On is and always will be dedicated to offering high quality classes that are both exhilarating and effective. Come ride with us and see for yourself!”